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El 15 de abril me voy en mi Triumph Scrambler, personalizado por la empresa Quality Bike en Barcelona, a Efroud Marruecos. A partir de ahí tomaré una transferencia a Midelt para iniciar la Titan Desert 2014 by Garmin. Voy a empezar un aventura en Marruecos como nunca antes sobre dos ruedas, descendiendo desde Gibraltar hasta el Sahara en tan poco asfalto como sea posible, completando las seis etapas de la Titan y luego de volver a Barcelona. Esto nunca hubiera sido posible sin la ayuda de mis amigos en Quality Bike Barcelona. Por favor, mira el blog para escuchar más sobre la personalización de la Moto y mis preparativos físicos. Esta será una gran aventura para mi y un interactivo para los que siguen desde casa ...

On the 15th of April I will be riding my Triumph Scrambler, customized by Quality Bike, to Efroud Morocco. From there I will take a transfer to Midelt to start the Titan Desert by Garmin 2014. I have endeavored to take on Morocco like never before on two wheels, descending from Gibraltar to the Sahara on as little asphalt as possible, completing the six stages of the Titan and then heading back to Barcelona. This would never have been possible without the help of my friends at Quality Bike Barcelona. Please keep posted to hear more about the customization of the Moto and my own physical preparations. This will be a great adventure for me and a fun, interactive one for those who follow from home...

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Loco con las maletas...

How to park in the desert

Algunas fotos del viaje...

Bajando hasta Chefaouan 
Un pared cio en Fes

Cruzando Pistas a mas de 2000 metros

Bajando, al final, a la Sahara

Como aparcar la moto por la arena

La moto con Cirque al Jafaar a bajo de los nubes

La mejor foto de la aventura

Gracias a Quality bike por esta moto fantastica 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

End of Adventure

Hi All,

I have bad news, I am back in Barcelona.  After my crash my foot continued to worsen and the pain became greater.  I made it to the race check in and had a visit with the race doctors, who are from Barcelona.  They essentially disqualified me from starting and said that I need to return home for MRI, x-ray, etc.

I either have a stress fracture or a torn ligament, we shall see.

From Middelt, where I did not have proper internet to update, I rode straight to Nador, caught the overnight ferry to Almería and then drove the endless 800 kilometers yesterday to Barcelona.

I am very upset about this injury and watching the race start was very disappointing.  If there is one lesson to take from this, don't ride too hard off road with hard panniers, they will break your foot or ankle.  Soft luggage is the way to go for sure, even if it can be more easily stolen.

Anyway, I spent a marvelous two weeks seeing Spain and Morocco by motorbike on either secondary or dirt roads and learned a lot about how to travel in that fashion.  I also proved that you can tackle the tough Moroccan roads and pietas with a Triumph Scrambler, no need for a BMW GS or a KTM.  I did not see a single other Scrambler, though as the going is harder on one. I am going to organize my photos today and will post the best ones I have tonight.

Best to all,


Monday, April 21, 2014

Una moto caída!!!!

Estoy bien, pero con poco herida de pie. Vamos a ver como va. Puedo caminar pero lento. Duele mucho. Maletas duras no va bien por triláteras. Más historias pronto. Walid.